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sprii commerce

Sprii Commerce

Sprii Commerce is a premium, all-in-one website builder with everything you need to run your business online.

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QR Menu

QR Menu is a website with an online menu or catalogue system that can redirect your customers through WhatsApp.

Which is best for my business?

Sprii Commerce is the best option if you want a full-fledged website with advanced analytics and its own delivery partners.

If all you want is a simple website to upload your catalogue or menu and you’re fine with customers ordering via WhatsApp, QR Menu is the way to go.

What is the difference?

Sprii Commerce is a premium all-in-one website builder, which you can have a customer loyalty system.

QRMenu is a far simpler and provides fewer analytics but it is the way to go if you want a system that is simple to set up.

Any Special Package If Subscribing To Both Products?

Yes, of course! If you decide to use both Sprii Commerce and QR Menu, we can provide you with a special package price. Simply let us know via phone or email, and we’ll make it available for you.

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